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The Great Beauty tour

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€ 490,00

Tour Type Private car tour with driver and guide
Duration 4 hours
Meeting point: At the hotel
Meeting time: at your choice

Follow the steps of Jep Gambardella in Paolo Sorrentino’s movie La Grande Bellezza and unveil the absolute charm of Rome visiting the most significant spots with a private tour.

You will start the journey from Via Vittorio Veneto, one of the most fashionable and exclusive streets of the capital in Fellini’s movies, and you will reach the Capitoline Hill’s Square, with an incomparable view of the Roman Forums and the Colosseum. You will then proceed to the Appian Way Regional Park, where the walk of Jep Gambardella next to the Roman aqueduct was shot.

Passing by the Baths of Caracalla, location of the significant scene of the movie with the giraffe hocus-pocus, you will arrive to the Garden of Oranges and the keyhole at the Aventine Hill, that will make you enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Rome. Piazza Navona, one of the symbols of the Renaissance art in Rome, awaits you with the magnificent church of Sant’Agnese in Agnone designed by Francesco Borromini.

Finally you will climb the Janiculum Hill up to the Aqua Paula Fountain, where the very first scenes of The Great Beauty were shot, arriving to the panoramic terrace with the equestrian monument dedicated to Giuseppe Garibaldi and to the cannon that every day, at noon, fires blanks on the city.

Main sites visited
  • Janiculum Hill
  • Roman aqueduct at the Appian Way Regional Park
  • Roman Forums and Colosseum (from outside)
  • Via Vittorio Veneto
  • Piazza Navona
  • Baths of Caracalla (from outside)
  • Garden of Oranges and Aventine Hill
  • Private transportation with driver
  • Private guide
  • Aperitif with appetizers
Not included
  • No admission tickets required
Additional information
  • Especially in summer weather could be quite hot, therefore we recommend to bring with you water, head cover, sunglasses and sunscreen lotion